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(Our) World is mobile

From the beginning, we were fascinated by the vision of having a handheld computer in our pocket, with which we can do virtually everything that our laptops or stationary machines allow us to do. And it is possible primarily because it is the software that makes the device useful, and therefore all kinds of applications and programs that we have, allow us to work, learn or have fun. In that case, why shouldn’t the smartphone completely replace our computer? Well, it will replace it, and this is not the future but the present, so be mobile.


Mobile technology

We assume that it is better to be a specialist in one field than to deal with many areas at the basic level. It is from this belief that we chose to specialize in mobile applications, as well as a specific technology called Flutter. 

What are the main advantages of Flutter technology?

Android or iOS? Both!

Flutter is a so-called hybrid. This means that using it, we create an application for more than one system or platform at the same time. Therefore, when creating a mobile application, we simultaneously receive an application for Android and iOS, thanks to which the entire project is cheaper and shorter. We no longer need several teams of specialists, because we only need one.

It is a pity that it is only mobile ... Well, no!

Initially, Flutter was focused only on creating mobile applications. However, with the development of this technology, we also got the opportunity to create web or desktop applications. What does this mean for us? Well, that in a simple way, without having to create everything from scratch, we can transfer our proven mobile application to a computer and gain an even larger group of users.

Movie performance, not a slideshow

It might seem that since we are dealing with a hybrid solution, we most likely have to compromise, e.g. in the case of performance. Flutter has been constructed in such a way that the created applications are very fast, very efficient, run smoothly, and often smoother than in the case of mobile applications created in native technology (so-called natively).

It makes it easier to attract attention and delight with design

Mobile applications have made us used to the fact that design is as important as functionality. Therefore, one of the main assumptions of Flutter was to enable easier creation of applications that attract attention with their original and unique design.

One source means less hassle

If we want our application to be available to users for years, we should think about its maintenance and development. With Flutter, this process is easier and cheaper, because the changes we need to make are introduced in one project, and they are visible on each platform.

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