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26 April 2023

Who do you talk to during the project? Roles in the team

Behind every successful project is a whole team of specialists. Each of them is assigned specific tasks at different stages of the work. Seemingly sounds simple, but industry terms such as Product Owner, Project Manager or UX/UI Designer can confuse you. After reading this article, the tasks of the experts we encounter during the development […]

11 October 2022

How to launch a mobile app in the store?

It started with an idea. From the idea came the design of a mobile application. Later – the finished product. And… what next? How to get the app into stores and make it available to users? “This is a slightly more complicated topic than in the case of browser-based applications,”—says one of the two main […]

24 August 2022

How to prepare for an interview with a software house?

Have you just hit upon an innovative idea in your company to create software that will be the “perfect product” for your audience? Great, it’s time to move into action! But… how? In this article, we’ll tell you what software houses are, how to choose the best one, and how to prepare to avoid being […]

27 December 2021

The story of a bug – native lands: away and back

In the Flutter world, it not infrequent for us to use functionalities which implementation is strictly dependent on the platform on which it runs. There are many examples, such as the hero of today’s story – Blue Tooth, in the wide world known under the nickname of Bluetooth. This gentleman, or rather this technology does […]

23 November 2021

“My app is an MVP” – that is, about how wrong we are in naming our projects

Introduction – that is, why I am writing this article and what you will learn in it Why: I have to share my observation. I have an impression that today every project is an MVP. I don’t work here for a long time, but I have already had the opportunity to participate in several projects […]

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