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27 December 2021

The story of a bug – native lands: away and back

In the Flutter world, it not infrequent for us to use functionalities which implementation is strictly dependent on the platform on which it runs. There are many examples, such as the hero of today’s story – Blue Tooth, in the wide world known under the nickname of Bluetooth. This gentleman, or rather this technology does […]

13 December 2021

Android Studio – what to do not to lose RAM memory

AS (Android Studio) is not recognized by the general public as the fastest working tool. It is too heavy and also takes up more memory than Chrome. Therefore, it is important not to hit your AS even more by adding more tasks to it than it can handle. In two of our biggest projects, we […]

23 November 2021

“My app is an MVP” – that is, about how wrong we are in naming our projects

Introduction – that is, why I am writing this article and what you will learn in it Why: I have to share my observation. I have an impression that today every project is an MVP. I don’t work here for a long time, but I have already had the opportunity to participate in several projects […]

9 November 2021

List of useful websites and online services for mobile app development

In this article I wanted to focus on websites that I came across during my work on mobile application development and that have stayed with me for good. There are a lot of different websites on the Internet, which a beginner programmer/graphic designer has no idea about, and which are very helpful in everyday work. […]

7 September 2021

Customer – take care of your budget

Cost optimization is a topic that probably is important for all of us. This applies to both running a business and private life. We try to reduce unnecessary expenses, improve the processes, invest in development – expecting profits in the future. The same thing we can do in the case of creating a mobile app. […]

7 September 2021

Million dollar growth even for free? How growth hacks promote growth a book review

Growth Hacker Marketing, Rayan Holiday’s book was added to my stack some time ago and it waited for the right moment. I bought the book after listening to one of the marketing podcasts about the viral spread of content. This topic interested me very much, so I decided to take a look at it. A […]

7 September 2021

Welcome to our blog!

Good morning or good evening dear reader (depending on the moment of the day when you found this article). My name is Mateusz and I’m the co-founder of appvinio. Making use of this moment that I have your attention, I would like to invite you to the ceremonial opening of our new blog, which will […]

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