I need to create a mobile app

From vision to design

I think you did not find yourself here by accident and an idea is maturing in your head. It is a vision to create a new product or service. Something that does not yet exist on the market or is far ahead of the competition.

How do I know that? I have heard a similar scenario many times, because these are the clients we work with in appvinio, transforming their visions into amazingly working projects.

See how we can help you.

Our powers

We speak the language of business

We perfectly understand that the application being created results from a specific need or vision. It should meet certain requirements and lead to the achievement of set goals. In conversation with you, we will limit the use of technical terms to a minimum, and we will focus on examples of use by future users.

We use hybrid technology

By using the hybrid technology, we produce an application for Android and iOS from one project, which allows us to reduce project costs and shorten the completion time.

We focus on relationships and cooperation...

…because you know best what application you need, and we care about meeting your expectations. Thanks to efficient communication with you, we complete the application faster and cheaper.

We speak English

Our entire team is fluent in English and uses it on a daily basis.

How do we work on the project?

Thanks to the fact that our portfolio already includes several dozen completed projects, we have been able to refine our work pattern. Based on this pattern, our work is organized and in order, which allows us to complete projects faster and with an even better end result.

This is how we will implement project for you:

Our workflow consists of 6 steps:

  • Project workshops

    This is the first and most important stage of work because, during this meeting, what its purpose of the project, ​for whom it is intended, and what business model it will support. The more information we get, the better the result will be. There is nothing worse than starting collaboration without fully understanding the direction.

  • Improving the concept with the mock-up

    It is very important what the future application will allow for, but no less important is how it will allow for it. By creating a mock-up of the app, we can refine the concept at a very early stage and make it even more accessible to users.

  • Creating a unique design

    It is true that people buy with their eyes, so in this step we make future users fall in love with the app at first sight. When designing the appearance of the application, we rely on designers who specialize in creating mobile user interfaces. Thanks to this, we exclude the effect in which we would attract users to the look, and then push them away with a thoughtless arrangement of components.

  • Implementation and testing

    Only now are we fully ready to start creating the application. This stage is by far the most time-consuming as it usually takes between 3 and 6 months of work. However, we stay in touch with you all the time. We work in cycles (weekly or fortnightly) and at the end of each cycle, we provide you with the latest version of the software being developed. Thanks to this, you are always up to date with what is happening in the project and if you feel that any of the criteria developed at the beginning should be restructured, we are ready for it.

  • App launch

    Finally, the long-awaited moment approaches. The moment the app is made available to users. By default, we make apps available via stores: AppStore, Google Play and AppGallery, which you own from the beginning.

  • Maintenance and development

    Because it is important for us that the application created for you works efficiently and effectively, we collect statistics on app usage and user behavior. Based on this data, it is much easier to plan new functionalities, adding exactly what users expect, making the application even more useful.

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