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The client needed an application thanks to which he would build a base of photovoltaic installers in Poland. For this purpose, the proposed application had to offer the possibility of competition between installers and the rank system, which unlocked with the number of installed inverters.

The solution was to operate in accordance with the loyalty program announced by the brand and support the award system as well as extended warranties.

It was one of the projects in which we had the pleasure of being responsible for the entire solution. This means that our competence was both to create a mobile application and the entire backend with a panel for administrators.


The project was strictly time-limited, so we had to fit the workshop stage within a few days. During it, we had a meeting with the client, during which we collected information about the scope of the project, created a mock-up of the entire solution on the basis of which the design of the application was created, we ordered coffee and gathered our team for a trip to the Flutter mountains and valleys.

Of course, there was a round of questions after the team got acquainted with the project, but right after them we were ready to start working!

On this stage we have

Clear vision

We know all what we need to start working on your project.

Complete plan

We know your priorities, and we have planned what we will do.

Readiness for work

Our developers are excited about new project and want start ASAP

Process started

We move into action immediately to deliver the product ahead of deadline

Installing the inverter

It’s good to start everything from the beginning – that is the most basic functionality of the application – registration of the newly installed inverter. Without it, the entire application would not make sense.

Registration was to be based on two pieces of information – a photo of the installation and the serial number of the used device. To facilitate the introduction of the latter, we have implemented a QR code scanner located on the housings of our client’s inverters.

Each installation was also to be validated by the system administrator. We have handled their service in the admin panel, where you can accept them or send information about rejection. Approved installations influence the installer’s ranking and awarding him with prizes or extended warranty for the purchased devices.


The ranking of the FOXESS TEAM app is a very cool part of this project. It not only allows you to compare the number of installed devices with other installers from all over Poland, but also to gain ranks that determine the level of the installer. Each installer rank has been marked in the ranking with an appropriate color directly related to the given rank.

One of the initial assumptions was that the color of the rank obtained should become the leitmotif of the entire application. However, we advised the client against them, expecting that such action of this functionality will negatively affect the appearance of the solution.


The application also supports the award mechanism. As part of it, the customer can set thresholds for the number of installed inverters. After they are exceeded, the application generates an appropriate notification, and the installer has the option to fill in the data for shipping the prize.

The customer administrator has the ability to handle the shipment and mark the awards as sent in two ways – via e-mail messages generated each time the installer requests the award or through the appropriate view in the admin panel.

In this way, installers using our application get great prizes, and our client has the opportunity to build a better relationship with them. Sounds like a real win-win situation!

Warranty extension

Who could refuse to extend the warranty of the equipment they bought for free?

Hopefully not the installers who want to use our app. Thanks to it, they have the opportunity to take part in the promotional conditions of our client, under which they can receive a 12-month warranty extension for each registered inverter!

This is possible thanks to the system which, once all the criteria specified in the regulations are met, automatically grants the installer a longer warranty and generates a personal certificate!


After 2 weeks of efficient work, the application appeared on Google Play and App Store. The published project was released in accordance with all customer requirements and we are currently working on other useful functionalities for both installers and administrators.

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