Bakery App

A mobile app that allows you to order your favorite bread without leaving your home.

The Challenge

Our client has needed to create a mobile app that would make it easier for consumers to buy high-quality bread with the minimum amount of time involved. For bakers, the project was to enable better planning of bread production, thus minimizing the waste of unsold food.


We started working on the project with several workshop meetings aimed at developing a ready-made application concept. During the meetings, we analyzed individual project modules, such as: creating orders, the payment processor receiving orders. Our goal was to select the appropriate solutions aimed at providing future consumers with convenient and easy ordering of bread.

The concept of the project was based primarily on ordering bread, so it was also necessary to create appropriate software for bakery employees. Thanks to it, they could receive information about new orders, complete them and issue them without queuing to buyers. For this purpose, we decided to create a second mobile application, adapting the interface to large screens (tablets) for more convenient operation.

For consumers to be able to enjoy the range of various bakeries and the products they offer, we proposed the creation of a CMS system, i.e. a website accessible from the browser level, enabling data management. The designed system was designed to allow administrators to easily add new bakeries, edit data on existing bakeries or manage available products.

Creation process

In the next step, we focused on developing the appearance of the application. To begin with, we created a mock-up simulating a mobile application to be able to plan the arrangement of components on individual screens. Based on the approved mock-up, we have prepared a graphic design referring to the subject of bread that allows us to stand out on the market.

Having finished the graphic design, we started the implementation by working in two-week sprints. This approach allowed for the regular presentation of the current state of the project to the client and a quick response to any changes. In order for the client to be able to test the new functionalities himself, we made the application available to him using private test channels Google Play and AppStore.

The result

After 3 months of intensive work and a month of testing on a group of potential users, the application was published in Google Play stores and the App Store for users on the Polish market.

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