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We create mobile, web and server apps. We have completed and implemented over 50 unique projects. Our greatest achievement to date is winning the Best Mobile Application Award at the Mobile Trends Awards gala.
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App design

Good design is a must for your app to be successful. Therefore here, at appvinio, we place great emphasis on the design stage. Working with us, you can be sure that every aspect of the product is well thought out, tailored to the user, follows the business plan assumptions and stands out from the competition.

We help fine tune your vision or work on it with your team from scratch. While analyzing different concepts, we try to detect potential problems from the very beginning. This makes it possible for us to focus on solving them before they become an issue.

  • Design workshops
  • Business analysis
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Branding


Mobile applications are what we love most and have most experience in, which is confirmed by, among others, the Best Mobile Application Award we won at the Mobile Trends Awards. We will be happy to help you build and launch your new mobile product!

We are aware that our clients’ needs often go beyond a mobile app and therefore, our team includes staff that are knowledgeable and experienced in creating web and backend applications. This helps us create and launch complete digital products. Each of our projects goes through a complex testing process, so you can rest assured that the product we deliver is safe, functional and efficient.

  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • Server apps
  • Testing

Support / Maintenance

Would you like to expand your app with new features? Or are you already in the process but working with the current contractor is not going according to plan? Contact our team! We not only create new products from scratch but also take over existing ones, helping them get back on track. In addition, we provide app maintenance, monitoring and customization so that you can focus on your business, confident that your product runs without any disruptions.

  • SLA
  • Product takeover

Our process

Our creative process is based on caring for your unique needs and goals, ensuring that we are not only efficient but also inspired at every stage.

Initial Call / Pitch deck

Our process starts with a meeting where you share the vision for your product with us and we listen to you carefully. Next, we share our insights and discuss how we could help. We present our work process, and finally, we provide you with a price estimate and preliminary time frame.


During the workshop phase, we focus on your business. We talk about your goals, needs and requirements. We analyze how the app will contribute to your business success. Together we map out key features, main user paths, and use cases. This is the foundation on which our tailor-made solution is built.

Detailed estimate

Following the workshops, we provide a detailed estimate of the project. We determine what the product will include and what technologies will be used to create it. At this stage, the project team and payment related issues are also discussed.


We now move on to working in sprints. Our team works to create the app using an iterative approach. In each sprint we focus on specific elements of the project. After the end of each sprint, we present the results of our work so that together we can monitor progress and clarify the objective.

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