Welcome to our blog!

Good morning or good evening dear reader (depending on the moment of the day when you found this article). My name is Mateusz and I’m the co-founder of appvinio.

Making use of this moment that I have your attention, I would like to invite you to the ceremonial opening of our new blog, which will take place … right now, so… you are welcome to join in.

We have been thinking about creating a blog for some time. As a technology company, we create software, and in particular, we specialize in mobile apps. By implementing new projects, we constantly develop our skills to stay competitive in this market and provide our clients with the highest quality of solutions. And all these activities make us more experienced and increase the amount of knowledge that we could share with the world.

And why do this at all…? Because we like it and we enjoy it.

We take part in various types of technology events and meetups. We help other companies verify candidates for IT specialists. We train young developers by developing their skills and creating the next generations of qualified developers. And at the same time, we are having a great time, so now we want to have even more fun creating this blog.

Okay, but what will I find on this blog? Will this interest me?

You may have already thought about this question or this question would crop up soon, so I’ll explain it now.

We wanted each reader visiting our blog to find something for themselves from the very beginning. That is why we decided to diversify the topics of the articles, staying the most focused on topics directly related to the development of apps:

  • Business – behind each app there are business needs, so we want to discuss topics related to the app development
    process, methods of generating income, business models, or types of contracts – settlements

  • Technologies – the technology blog of the company couldn’t lack technical topics, and we will also have them. We will be happy to share our favorite widgets, proven libraries, solved problems, good practices, or the results of our R&D
    (Research and Development)

We know very well that during the creation of the product process, we also touch on other areas such as marketing, PR, law, or design, which are necessary from the point of view of the entire project. You will also be able to read about these topics on our blog, also thanks to our partners, whom we will ask for a guest “appearance” on the blog.

So, if you are interested in the world of new technologies, mobile applications, you have the vision to create the product, startup, you like programming or you just like to read, in my opinion, this blog and the content appearing on it are just for you. Thank you for accompanying us on the opening of our blog ceremony and I encourage you to visit it more often.

See you.

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