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Random numbers vs Perlin noise

What are random numbers? There are no fully random numbers in programming, there are pseudorandom numbers which are diff...

Piotr Białas / January 13, 2022

The story of a bug – native lands: away and back

In the Flutter world, it not infrequent for us to use functionalities which implementation is strictly dependent on the ...

Rafał Dubel / December 27, 2021

“My app is an MVP” – that is, about how wrong we are in naming our projects

Introduction – that is, why I am writing this article and what you will learn in it Why: I have to share my observ...

Rafał Dubel / November 23, 2021

List of useful websites and online services for mobile app development

In this article I wanted to focus on websites that I came across during my work on mobile application development and th...

Piotr Białas / November 9, 2021

Welcome to our blog!

Good morning or good evening dear reader (depending on the moment of the day when you found this article). My name is Ma...

Mateusz Wójcik / September 7, 2021

Million dollar growth even for free? How growth hacks promote growth a book review

Growth Hacker Marketing, Rayan Holiday’s book was added to my stack some time ago and it waited for the right mome...

Rafał Dziuryk / September 7, 2021

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