An app for promoting young soccer talents and providing an opportunity to connect with soccer experts.


The 4goal project is a response to a need that was identified by our client, which was creating a platform for the football community. In particular, the project was targeted at the youngest participants of the football world – the application is to help promote young talents from the age of 5 to the professional level. In addition, the application was supposed to balance development opportunities between children from small towns and villages and children from big cities who have better access to professional training and expert support.

A particular challenge for us was to prepare the app in a way that it could be used by people of different age ranges, from 5 to 20 years – that is why the app should be adapted both for children and adults.


At the very beginning, the client approached us with a very specific and complex idea of the whole solution, on which we started working together in the form of a series of meetings-workshops. It was at this stage that we got introduced to the general concept of the project and the client’s idea, which was then written down in the form of a document determining the requirements of the project.

During these meetings, we discussed such topics as the mentioned client’s needs and business goals. We specified the target group of users and the values that the application is supposed to bring to them. We created a map of functionalities and solutions that appeared in the process of discussions and then divided them into versions of the application in which they should appear. In the end, we discussed the business model and the distribution market.

Our goal at the beginning of the project was to build an MVP version, which is a version containing the most important functionalities that the application could not exist without. In this case, these were:

  • video editor,

  • video player,

  • the ability to comment, respond and share videos published in the application,

  • authentication via Google, Facebook and Apple,

  • user profile support, including the ability to add basic information about yourself, such as a nickname or profile picture, as well as your videos.

The project primarily involved the creation of a mobile application designed for football players, but also included an administrator panel – a part of the system that allows administrators to control the published content by users of the app, to prevent the publication of unwanted videos and comments. The panel also enables to display of several statistics, which allows to track the development of the community in the application.

On this stage we have

Clear vision

We know all what we need to start working on your project.

Complete plan

We know your priorities, and we have planned what we will do.

Readiness for work

Our developers are excited about new project and want start ASAP

Process started

We move into action immediately to deliver the product ahead of deadline

Project initialization

At the very beginning, we created a detailed action plan based on professional tools such as Jira and Confluence. Before the first development work began, we had already prepared solid business and technical documentation, which was shared with all team members and the client on Confluence and Jira, which simplified communication and allowed us to quickly check the progress.

Then we created a list of individual tasks that will be completed within each functionality and divided them among the programmers. We set up a schedule assuming how and when specific elements should be created.

Project Development

After project initialization, it was time to start the development work. We divided the work into sprints. After each of them, there was a time for the demo – a meeting during which we presented and tested new parts of the system to the client. Then the client had the opportunity to make comments and changes to the presented functionalities.

The client himself had a huge impact during the creation of the whole project – we were in touch at every stage of project creation and development, and we were informed about all the changes that took place in the creative process. At any time the client could reject our ideas and suggest a different solution. We can say that the presence and opinion of the client played a leading role during the whole process of creating the application.

Final testing

After passing the internal testing stage, the app was tested by a group of 100 independent users (i.e. children practicing soccer) who got access to beta testing. They pointed out several changes that, after discussion with the client, were implemented in the final version of the product and helped to improve the user experience. This was the last of the formal testing stages.

To make the work more efficient, we created a special platform for reporting bugs, which was also integrated with our Jira. This made the whole bug reporting process more efficient – testers could report a bug at any time while using the test versions of the application, and we had a clear signal so we could manage the reported issues.

The result

After about 5 months of development work divided into 11 two-week sprints, the day of the premiere has come. This is the day when we give the final result of our work to users.

The final version of the application has many features such as a video editor or the ability to publish comments, creating the possibility of developing a mobile football community.

Implemented functionalities

  • Video editor
    Allows you to assemble videos from multiple video clips uploaded from your phone or recorded with the camera, and add text and color filters to them.

  • The video grid
    Displays videos published by all of the users according to algorithms based on the popularity of clips.

  • Comment sections
    Where users can comment on published videos.

  • Tagging users
    Allows users to be tagged in comments and video descriptions.

  • Video sharing
    Allows you to share links to published videos outside the app.

  • Google, Facebook and Apple authentication
    Allows quick registration and login with external providers.

  • Push notifications
    Allow users to receive real-time information about the most important events in the app and receive content posted by system administrators.


After many months of work on the app, we have released it to the world through the Google Play Store and App Store, which we configured themself so the client received a ready-made app to download from the platform.

The app was a huge success! For the realization, we have been rewarded during this year’s edition of the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards ceremony. We were distinguished among many other companies and awarded for the development of 4GOAL.app, which was announced as the best startup in 2021! This is a great victory and a big success of which we are extremely proud!

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